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Flight Permit Applicaiton Consultation

1 Providing the Civil Avition Law and Regulation Consultation Service;
2 Coordinating with CAAC and relevant Department;
3 Reporting the status of the Permit;
4 Providing the relevant information of the Permit.

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Aircraft Supporting Service

1 Feul
2 Portable Water / Lavatory
3 Maintenance Service
4 Follow-me car
5 Baggage Truck and Porter
6 Catering
7 Monitoring
8 Ground Power Unit / Air Start Unit

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Passengers VIP Service

1Guiding or helping the Reception Provider to meet with the passengers, arranging the VIP room if necessary;
2 Arranging the Courtesy Reception, including The VIP room, Ferry Bus, Porter, Follow-me service etc.

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Aircrew Service

1 Helping the aircrew with Dispatch Handling, including the FPL, PIB, Weather etc;
2 Providing the transportation between the airport and hotel;
3 Arranging the hotel;
4 Helping the aircrew with the Transportation, Apron Access if necessary.

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Flight Information Service

1 Civil Aviation Law and Regulation;
2 Airports information around China;
3 Air Route Consultation and Estimation;
4 Information of Aircraft Support;

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1 Flight Permit Apllication and Consultation;
2 Aircraft Support Service;
3 Airports information Service.